Creating local trust online is easy

Impress customers with your professionally branded Praze Text™ complete with your business logo. Make it simple for customers to leave a Google review.

1. Click the link

2. Review on Google or write private feedback

3. Write a five-star review


Automate your reviews

The platform will automatically invite your customers to leave you a positive review. Check with a growth specialist to see if we can integrate with your system.


Schedule online button

Add a schedule button into your website for faster scheduling your clients will love.


Text us button

Add  a “text us” button to your website to turn curious website visitors into paying customers.


Text link to pay

You can easily receive payments by texting a Praze payment link to your customers.

Leverage the power of trust

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I’ve known for a while we needed to do more online, but nothing we’d tried ever seemed to work. Praze was the missing link. We’ve gotten great results working with them!

Dr. Brigham Woods, Founder

Dr. Brigham Woods

Many people don’t know how to write reviews. Walk your patients through it! Do you have an instruction sheet? Can you help them do it on their phones right then and there? Get it done!

Dr. Howard Farran DDS, Founder  

Dr. Howard Farran

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It includes strategies on:

Praze is the modern word-of-mouth

  • Google Reviews

  • Easy Feedback

  • Pay-By-Text Services

  • Praze Trust Badges™

  • Dashboard Insights

  • A+ Onboarding

  • Proven Process

  • “Text us” Buttons

  • Modern Online Presence

  • Easy Implementation

  • Online Scheduling Buttons

  • Maximize Reviews