Why 5-Stars Might Not Be Perfect For Your Business

Why 5-Stars Might Not Be Perfect For Your Business

A five-star Google review average might seem like the Holy Grail for businesses, but it isn't always what it's cracked up to be. In fact, in some cases, a five-star average can actually hurt your business. Here's why:

1. It Can Hurt Your Credibility 

While a five-star average looks great on paper, it can actually hurt your credibility in the eyes of potential customers. After all, if everyone is giving you perfect marks, it starts to look a little fishy, don't you think?

Especially when you have a lot of reviews, a five-star average is too good to be true. Potential customers may view your business with suspicion and decide to take their business elsewhere. 

2. Customers Value Honest Feedback

A five-star average can be misleading as it doesn't give an accurate representation of your business. Customers would much prefer honest feedback so they know what to expect before they do business with you. Having a few four-star reviews and below gives potential customers realistic expectations of your business.

People know that no one, and no business, is perfect. They're willing to overlook some negatives as long as there are enough good reviews to balance them out.

3. You Can't Please Everyone 

No matter how good your services are, there will always be someone who isn't satisfied. That's just the nature of business. And while it's impossible to please everyone, that doesn't mean you should stop trying to please the majority.

It’s actually a good thing for potential customers to see how you handle less-than-perfect reviews. When you respond to an unhappy customer, you show how much you care. This can help you more than a five-star review.

4.  It Can Make You Complacent

A five-star average can give you a false sense of security and make you complacent in your quest to provide the best possible service. If you're not constantly striving to improve, your competition will eventually overtake you. 

Reviews with even one star can provide valuable insights into what could be improved and how to better serve customers.  Don't overlook these reviews. Take the time to read them and make adjustments if necessary.


While it's important to always strive for excellence, don't get too hung up on that perfect score. Focus on providing the best service possible and responding to customer feedback—both good and bad—and you’ll be sure to succeed.

The more reviews your business has, the less impact a couple of negative reviews will have. Praze can help build up the number of Google reviews so you can show your business in the best possible light.

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