Why Google Reviews are Better than Yelp

Why Google Reviews are Better than Yelp

As a business owner, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to get positive reviews and boost your company’s online presence. You may be wondering what the difference is between Google reviews and Yelp reviews. 

Here’s a breakdown of the differences between Google reviews and Yelp reviews and why Google reviews are better for your business. 

Both Google and Yelp are popular platforms for customers to leave reviews for businesses. But there are some key differences between the two types of review sites. 

On Yelp, customers must create an account in order to leave a review. This process isn’t difficult but it does add an extra step for customers. 

Google doesn’t require customers to create an account in order to leave a review. All they need is a Gmail account. This makes it easier for customers to leave a review, which leads to more reviews for your business. 

Yelp also doesn’t allow businesses to respond to reviewers directly. Google does allow you to respond but you must do so publicly. Public responses are beneficial because they show you care about your customers and their experience with your business. But public responses can also be detrimental if you don’t handle them well. See this post for more information on responding to negative reviews. 

It’s also important to note that Yelp uses an algorithm to filter reviews whereas Google does not have a filtering system in place. This means that reviews on Google will be live (with some exceptions) whereas some Yelp reviews may not be seen by potential customers due to the filtering system. Yelp’s filtering system has been known to flag legitimate reviews as false, which can impact a business negatively. 

Now that we’ve gone over some of the key differences between Google and Yelp reviews, let’s discuss why Google reviews are better for your business. 

  1. Google reviews are easier for your customers

As mentioned before, customers don’t have to create an account in order to leave a review on Google. This simple change leads to more people taking the time out of their day to leave a review for your business because it doesn’t require as much effort on their part. 

  1. Google reviews are more visible

When potential customers search for your business on Google, they're likely to see your star rating front and center. That's not the case with Yelp; users have to click through to your page to see your rating. 

  1. Google reviews are more trustworthy 

Since anyone can leave a review on Yelp, there's always the potential for fake reviews, either from people who have never used your services or from your competitors trying to sabotage your business. With Google, it's more difficult to leave fake reviews because reviewers must have a Gmail account associated with their name. 

  1. Google reviews carry more weight than Yelp reviews 

Google uses reviews as one of many ranking factors in its algorithm, so the more positive reviews you have, the higher you're likely to appear in search results—and that means more customers finding and using your services. 

Getting positive online customer reviews should be a priority for all businesses. When it comes down to choosing between Google or Yelp, Google is the clear winner. 

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