Why You Should Not Have Your Employees Post Reviews

Why You Should Not Have Your Employees Post Reviews

Google reviews are an important part of establishing credibility and trust with customers. The more positive reviews your practice has, the more business you'll get.

Some business owners are tempted to take shortcuts to get more reviews. They have their employees, friends, and family members post reviews of their company on Google. However, this is a very bad idea that can have serious repercussions.

First and foremost, it is a form of deceptive marketing and can be damaging to the trustworthiness and integrity of your company.

Having employees post reviews with the intention of influencing ratings raises ethical considerations, as it is a form of biased advertising that could mislead customers about the quality of your products or services. 

Furthermore, if your competitors find out that you are having employees post reviews, they may file a lawsuit against you for unfair business practices.

Finally, these kinds of reviews are explicitly against Google's rules. If Google finds out you're doing this, at the very least, you'll be removed from Google searches entirely.

For these reasons, it is important to refrain from having employees, family, and friends posts reviews of your business online. Doing so can lead to legal, ethical, and financial repercussions that could damage the reputation of your business. 

Instead, focus on using genuine customer feedback to build trust with customers and gain their loyalty in an honest and transparent way.

By following best practices and setting up a clear policy for how employees should interact with customers, you can ensure that your business remains trustworthy and highly respected in the eyes of the public. 

Investing time into developing effective policies around customer engagement is essential to protect your reputation and create a positive image for your business.  With the right approach, you can ensure that your customers trust and believe in your brand.

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